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The Mayo Clinic has an ongoing study for Dent’s Disease. Funding is provided by the NIH. They have a Patient Survey that we encourage everyone to take!

Follow this link and find the Rare Kidney Stone Corsortium network link.

The Rare Kidney Stone Consortium

Here is the link to Rare Kidney Stone Consortium for Dent Disease study.

Phosphorous Study

Dr. Lada Beara Lasic is heading phosphorous and FGF 23 study in Dent's Patients. Here is the link to find more information.

Dent Disease Facebook Page

You can find tons of latest info on Dent Disease and ongoing activies info on the Facebook Page. Here is the link .

Mayo Clinc Facebook Page

And don’t forget to visit the Mayo Clinic Facebook page for more information.

Friends of Foundation WhatsApp Patient's Group

Patients/parents share the info (questions, suggestions, experiences on Dent Disease) in this WhatsApp Group. If you want to get added please email your name and phone number to


 Dent disease is a chronic kidney disorder that occurs almost exclusively in males. In affected individuals, kidney problems result from damage to structures called proximal tubules. Signs and symptoms of this condition appear in early childhood and worsen over time.

The most frequent sign of Dent disease is the presence of an abnormally large amount of proteins in the urine (tubular proteinuria).Other common signs of the disorder include excess calcium in the urine (hypercalciuria), calcium deposits in the kidneys (nephrocalcinosis), and kidney stones (nephrolithiasis).

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The Dent Disease Foundation's purposes are:

To raise funds to support research into the causes of the disease so we may halt its progression and find a cure;

To educate patients, the medical community and the public; and to promote communication among patients, their families and the medical community.